4 types of sauna at OrchideenPark

Finnish sauna 80 °C - 95 °C

The classic. The Finnish sauna with a variety of infusions energizes the body and removes daily stress. During the colder seasons, especially, the sauna toughens the body against illnesses and helps remove metabolic waste products.

Bio sauna 50 °C

The bio sauna gently does wonders for your cardiovascular system. The humidity is ca. 50%, and the temperature is around 50°C on average. The bio sauna restores balance to the body.

Steam bath 43 °C

In our steam bath, you can enhance your well-being in an especially pleasant way. Instead of the dry heat of a sauna, in the steam bath you can enjoy soothing humidity and a temperature of only 43°C, which stimulates circulation, relieves tension, and reduces stress.

Infrared cabin

Our infrared cabin provides perfect deep warmth. It is an especially gentle and healthy heat treatment with soothing temperatures, which strengthen the immune system and promote the removal of metabolic waste products.